PVC Conduit Pipe

PVC Conduit Pipe

STIPL Pipes is one of the best manufacturers of conduit pipes in India. This company has been manufacturing metal pipes "for features growth, growth objective like electric accessories, furnishings, barbecues, providers etc.”


 Sturdy and effective design
 High substance resistance
 Excellent flexibility
 Crush resistance
 Reduced circulation resistance
 Superior corrosion resistance
 Production potential of about 7,500 Measurement Loads yearly is indeed a great capacity


These conduit pipes are absolutely dedicated to supply the right and topmost quality manufacturing. A top quality program from the manufacturer of conduit pipes ensures superior quality items to the customers, which meets their requirements completely. The conduit pipes produced are strictly examined at each stage of the manufacturing process for best results.


 Resistance to fire and high temperatures
 Easy to assemble
 Smooth interior
 Shock proof
 Easy to cut and join
 Corrosion resistant
 Ensure total protection to your wire & cables

Salient Features:

 Adaptable to standard concealed wiring system as per IS: & BS
 Virgin Suspension grade K-67 PVC
 Processed on twin screws extruders
 Minimum filler ensures high impact strength
 Unplasticised PVC Formulation to Improve the mechanical strength
 UV stabilized

Application/उपयोग :

Used in electrical wiring purposes within residential complexes, offices etc. आवासीय परिसरों, कार्यालयों आदि के भीतर विद्युत तारों के प्रयोजनों में उपयोग किया जाता है।

Advantages/लाभ :

 Adaptable to standard concealed wiring system as per IS: & BS
 Non conductor of Electricity & low thermal conductivity/अविधुतीय और काम तापीय बिजली के परिवहन में उपयोगी
 Because of the smooth interior surface, wire pulling is so easily done/ चिकनी आंतरिक सतह के कारण, तार खींचने का काम इतनी आसानी से होता है |
 Light weight material/वजन में हल्का है|
 Fire retardant/अग्निरोधी
 Corrosion resistant/जंग प्रतिरोधी।
 High tensile and impact strengths/उच्च तन्यता क्षमता और मजबूत

Size available :

PVC Electrical Conduit Pipes are available in sizes of 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, & 63mm with mechanical strength of light (LMS ), Medium(MMS), Heavy(HMS) series as per IS:9537 part-III - 1983 standards. These pipes are available in standard length of 3 mtrs.
Colors: Ivory, Grey & Black

Dimenstions of PVC Conduit Fomr Electrical Installations

PVC Garden Hose Pipe
Nominal sizes
Outside Diameter
Tolerance On Outside Dia.
Inside Diameter Min
Light Medium Heavy
20 20 -0.3 17.4 16.9 15.8
25 25 -0.4 22.1 21.4 20.6
32 32 -0.4 28.6 27.8 26.6
40 40 -0.4 35.8 35.4 34.4
50 50 -0.5 45.1 44.3 43.2
63 63 -0.6 57.0 - -