STIPL PLB Duct pipes are manufactured from High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) and are coated inside with silicon for permanent lubrication and that aids in easy installation as conduits for underground cabling. These are manufactured at our state-of-art extrusion plants as per DOT, BSNL and TEC specification As per TEC GR no. TEC/GR/FA/CDS – 008/04/AUG-2019 and RDSO specification no. RDSO/SPN/TC/45/2012.

With advances in technology in modern-day Telecommunications, over a period of time, it became very important to upgrade the HDPE pipes to be used particularly for Telecom applications. The Optical fiber Cables used for Telecommunications being very delicate and sensitive, it became necessary to modify the HDPE Pipes to be used as conduits for optical fiber cables. This led to the development of Permanently Lubricated (PLB) HDPE Telecom Ducts.

STIPL Pipes offers PLB Telecom ducts which have a layer of special compound on inner side for smooth conveying of optical fiber cables with extremely low friction. We use the special compound for the production of PLB Ducts, which generally maintains the coefficient of friction between the inside of the HDPE duct and the outside of the inserted communication cable as 0.06 max.

Available Sizes:

 (OD/ID) 63mm/50mm, 50mm/42mm, 40mm/33mm, 32mm/36mm
 Pipes are available in length of 500 meter and 1000 meter


Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Violet, Grey, Red and as per customer requirement.


 PLB Duct pipes are used as underground cable conduits for optical fibre cables (OFC)
 Communication cables etc. and are suitable for cable installation by blowing or pulling by rope techniques.

Salient features of HDPE PLB Duct pipes:

 Environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR)
 Impact resistance
 Crushes resistance
 Resistance low co-efficient of friction
 Temperature resistance 1 ultraviolet protection
 Less number of joints and flexible