Shankar Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2008 in Gorakhpur (U.P.). Our product range includes DWC HDPE Ducts. We are manufacturing DWC ducts with state of the art Italian Technology. We have a very well equipped laboratory for testing all the parameters required to be tested as per BSNL,BIS,IS specifications etc. we manufactures these products as per BSNL(TEC) & is specifications & we have approvals from BSNL, BIS(ISI), DMRC etc. STIPL has provided cable protection and management system in India.

Construction: HDPE DWC pipes are two-layered HDPE, the inner side is smooth and plain and outer side is corrugated.


STIPL (DWC) duct pipes have the following applications in telecom and electrical networks

 Protection of ducts and optical fiber cables in city and rural areas.
 Casing of copper/aluminum/HT cables
 Use of tele communication OFC cable protection
 Use in railway signaling cables/ power cables/telecommunication cables
 Use in traffic control, signaling system, cable protection
 Use in road lights/street lights cable protection


 Moderate flexibility
 Easy to join
 Excellent ring stiffness hence structurally strong
 Easy for installation
 Light in weight hence easy in transportation
 Not brittle hence never crack or split as compare to other options
 Smooth inner wall, hence minimum friction lost


 Ultra violet protected
 Anti-rodent - to avoid rodent attacks (on demand)
 Anti-termite properties - to avoid termite attacks (on demand)
 Non-flame propagating properties – protection with resistance to flame propagating (on demand)


STIPL DWC duct pipes for telecom/railway/road/electricity or similar applications are manufactured in accordance to relevant national and international standards like;
IS: 16205 (Part-24), BS EN 50086 and TEC specification no. TEC/GR/FA/DWC-034/02/AUG-19
And RDSO specification RDSO/SPN/204/2011 Version 1.1

Quality Control:

 Visual appearance
 Compression strength
 Impact test
 Tensile strength
 Resistance to flame propagation
 External influence IP30, IP67
 OIT (Oxidation Induction Test)

Available colors: both outer and inner wall (black/orange) or any color required by customers

Available Sizes:

S.No. Duct size (mm) Nominal OD (mm) Nominal ID (mm) Available Length (meter)
1 40/32 40 32 6 mtr straight or 500 mtr coil
2 50/38 50 38 6 mtr straight or 500 mtr coil
3 63/51 63 51 6 mtr straight or 250 mtr coil
4 75/63 75 63 6 mtr straight or 250 mtr coil
5 77/63 77 63 6 mtr straight or 250 mtr coil
6 90/76 90 76 6 mtr straight or 250 mtr coil
7 110/95 110 95 6 mtr straight/split pipe
8 120/103.5 120 103.5 6 mtr straight/split pipe
9 160/135 160 135 6 mtr straight/split pipe
10 200/175 200 175 6 mtr straight/split pipe

Joint accessories:

STIPL snap fit coupler and end-plug are available.

Other variants: Half split ducts/pipes are available as per customer requirements.

Split DWC Pipe