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Shankar Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a faithful company that is committed to its effective quality, renowned for pipe manufacturing in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

STIPL, a totally automated Company has a marvelous background of manufacturing variety of HDPE Pipes since 2008. You can trust "STIPL" as a brand.

Our Company is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of a huge range of HDPE Pipes, PVC Pipes, HDPE PLB Ducts, HDPE DWC pipes, LLDPE agricultural pipes, solving water solutions, High Pressure Irrigation, Wire ducting, Etc. Our products for last 13 years being widely used by Indian railways and many known private companies. Our manufacturing plants cover 1 Lac 74000 sq. ft Area.

Shankar Technology has a dedicated and well experienced team of techno commercial experts. The assurance of great quality and undisputable services has been our priority. To guarantee top notch execution, we utilize Prime Grade Virgin Raw Material for Extrusion, and lead different tests to find out that the items are being created according to the rules of Indian/International benchmarks. We work on BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) labs and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards.

At STIPL, with an entrenched supplier`s organize All Over India we take after the idea of Just in time fabricating guaranteeing least cost of creation with least stock level which empowers us to convey the best quality modified items at most minimal costs.

Right Now we are known as, HDPE Pipe Manufacturer in India.

We manufacture

HDPE Pipes: HDPE is a revolutionary thermoplastic used to overcome all the shortcomings of pipes as a medium for ducting for optical fibre and other cables and the flow of fluids. It is popularly used and recommended by Consultants and Field Engineers due to its high flow efficiency, strength, longevity, low cost of operation and maintenance, and a host of other unique features.

HDPE PLB Ducts: HDPE PLB DUCT pipes are designed and engineered to house the sensitive nerves of information technology optical fibres thus information transfer across the country.

HDPE DWC: HDPE DWC PIPES are designed technically superior and cost effective solution for the replacement of GI, RCC & PVC pipes in the field of optical fibre cable, Railway Signalling and Telecom cable network.

PVC Pipes: the most popular range till date. These pipes are used in irrigation processes and it is a great conductor of water while boring it from water wells or reserves.

Blue Casing Pipes: PVC casing pipes are used as casing for bore well which provides excellent protection even under the harshest of water conditions and hence provides extra safety to the Bore-Well.

SWR Pipes: SWR the soil, waste and rainwater, these pipes are used as the soil, waste and rainwater management, best in resistance power and serves many years. Mainly used in buildings and industries.

PVC Conduit Pipes: The PVC conduit pipes are the safe conductors of wires and cables. These pipes are used in big industrial sites.

LLDPE & LDPE Pipes: This clear or translucent plastic exhibits flexibility, chemical resistance, and waterproofing capabilities.